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(10.11.17) VCC Makes Short List for 2017 Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards! VCC's innovative CTH Series is a finalist in the 'LED Lighting Product of the Year' category. The CTH Series is made up of capacitive touch sensor displays designed to provide a more intuitive user experience, with high-clarity LEDs available in colors including red, yellow blue, pure green and white. The displays can also be designed with a variety of standard graphic overlays, or custom icons to best suit the application. Read the full press release HERE.

(6.1.17) Webber Electronics introduces the new UltraXtreme Extension Cord. Constructed of TPE compound, this cord will outperform and outlast any standard PVC extension and works well in the harshest weather conditions. Please contact us for more information!

(02.21.17) Passive Plus makes the cover of Microwave Product Digest! This issue highlights Passive Plus's smallest broadband capacitor line, the 01005BB Series. Have a look and contact us for more information!

(02.14.17) Congratulations to Eaton whose TV Supercapacitors have received a Product of the Year Nomination
Elektronik Magazine! The award ceremony will be held in Munich on 30th of March. Best of luck to the team and congratulations on the nomination from EK Micro!

(02.08.17) EK Micro and Selective Sales, Inc. are thrilled to announce a new partnership designed to provide superior service and coverage of our combined Wisconsin customers on behalf of our Principals. The Selective Sales team of Pat Walker, Dale Colvert and Dennis Schmidt will now be able to offer our Wisconsin customer base electronic component solutions from our partner manufacturers. With Selective Sales'  60 plus years of sales experience, exclusively in Wisconsin, our teams look forward to bringing greater value to both our Wisconsin customers and the Principals we represent together. 

(02.01.17) Passive Plus, Inc. expands Hi-Q/Low ESR Capacitor Custom Kits. Passive Plus, Inc. can now develop custom sample kits based specifically on an Engineers’ needs.  Custom kits offer a variety of capacitors based on case size, temperature coefficient, value ranges, tolerances, voltages, and quantities per value.  All kits are RoHS Compliant.

(01.12.17) Fujitsu Releases Compact Panel-Mount Thermal Printer Module: Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has released a smallest-in-class, panel-mount thermal printer sub-assembly for OEMs that streamlines the process of embedding a printing/cutting solution into POS, kiosk, ticketing and vending machine, measurement equipment, medical device, and banking ATM applications. The FTP-62GUSL unit incorporates a 2-inch wide, direct thermal printer mechanism, auto cutter and control board.

(11.30.16) VCC  introduces the New CTH Series – Capacitive Touch Sensor Display: VCC  has developed a capacitive touch sensor display that provides a more intuitive interface to ease and accelerate user interactions. The LED-based CTH Series capacitive touch sensor display combines graphic interactive control with color identification to make the interface more user-friendly. Utilizing sensitive capacitive touch sensing technology, the CTH Series simplifies designs and offers cost savings by eliminating the need for a traditional switch.

(09.13.16) Kyocera offers a new 5.7” LCD display for Industrial Applications: Kyocera Corp., has introduced introduced a robust 5.7” LCD display with an ultra-thin profile specifically designed for portable industrial devices using the VGA standard. Like consumer electronics, next-generation industrial devices will be smaller, slimmer and lighter; however, industrial applications will still require higher performance and durability in harsh environments. Kyocera’s new ultra-thin, lightweight LCD module is an ideal candidate for handheld devices used in demanding industrial applications, including laboratory testing and measurement, automotive maintenance, medical diagnostics, and marine instrumentation, among others.

(11.17.15) Kyocera, an EKM Principal, Debuts New Wide-Screen LCD >>> Learn About It Here

(04.06.15) Bob Evans, EKM President, Honored with Ray Hall Spirit of ERA Award >>> Click Here to Read More

(08.01.16) EK Micro is now representing LinkCom Manufacturing Co.! Providing High Reliability LED Power Supplies for demanding applications, LinkCom aspires to be the leading provider of telecom and LED power supply solutions in the world. Please contact EK Micro for information about LinkCom's many fine products.

(08.17.16) EK Micro is a Platinum Sponsor for the 48th Annual ERA Management and Marketing Conference: Drive to Excellence. ERA’s 48th Management and Marketing Conference returns to Austin, Texas, in February 2017, for another dynamic educational program for reps, manufacturers and distributors. Click here for more information and to register.