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(03.14.19) Delta Electronics President, Diane Delaney, featured on the Cover of Microwave Journal

(03.14.19) Q&A with Eaton: Supercapacitors Offer Growth in Additional Market Segments

(03.12.19) ERA Honors Bob Evans, CPMR, of EK Micro with 2019 Tess Hill Award!

(02.25.19) 2019 ERA 50th Anniversary Conference Opening Video — “Celebrate the Past, Embrace Tomorrow.”

(01.14.19) The VCC CSM Series has been named one of six Golden Mousetrap finalists in the “Embedded Computing/Processing” Category! Now in its 18th year, the Golden Mousetrap Awards acknowledge innovation in U.S.-based design and manufacturing. Entries in 19 categories are judged on the following four criteria: design and engineering innovations, functional innovations, benefits to the user, and market differentiation. Follow this link for more information or contact EK Micro, we will be happy to provide information on this and all the excellent series of products from VCC!

(12.07.18) VCC has won a prestigious 2018 Elektra Award! VCC’s CSM Series beat four other finalists in the “Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year” category. This second generation of capacitive touch LED sensors packs a smaller footprint, plus the manufacturing efficiencies found only in surface-mount technology (SMT). From reducing the total weight of the assembly to taking up to one-half of the space on the PCB and enabling higher density connections, the CSM Series has a lot more to offer than consistent illumination. To learn more about these and all the VCC product lines, please contact EK Micro.

(07.24.18) Join EK Micro at the 2019 ERA National Convention in Austin, Tx. Please join us to "Celebrate the Past, Embrace Tomorrow" at the 50th anniversary ERA Conference! The conference runs from Sunday, February 24 to Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Hotel rooms at the AT&T Conference Center sold out last year so plan ahead! 

(07.15.18) Passive Plus has developed a series of Broadband Capacitors available in 4 different case sizes: 01005BB, 0201BB, 0402BB, and 0805BB. These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground, while blocking DC. For more information, click here or contact EK Micro.

(04.06.15) Bob Evans, EKM President, Honored with Ray Hall Spirit of ERA Award >>> Click Here to Read More