Offering a Full Range of Interconnectivity Solutions.

When the Military, Aerospace, Medical and Telecommunications industries need interconnect solutions, they turn to EK Micro, a valued resource for nearly 60 years. The companies we represent constitute a who's who in the interconnectivity business community.

Delta Electronics Manufacturing -- Offers RF connector products: BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, N, 7/16 connectors, as well as custom connectors and adaptors.

Conec Technology in Connectors Logo.png

Industry 4.0, the current trend of increasing automation and data exchange in manufacturing environments, has resulted in new demands on electronic connectors. More data, being transferred at faster speeds, and the need for high reliability in sometimes harsh environments, has forced the development of new connectors. Conec’s more than 40 years of experience positions them to be a world leader in these interconnect products.

Webber Electronics -- Features a broad variety of AC power cords and receptacles with domestic and international agency approvals. Both standard and custom designs are available.

NextLink Technology -- Provides a range of custom-engineered solutions, including molded assemblies: VGA, DFP, SCSO, VHDCI, USB 2.0 and IEEE. Fiber optic assemblies include: ST, FC, SC, MTRJ, LC, FDDI and Toslink.

Felco Magnetic, a division of Forest Electric -- Certified as an AS9100 manufacturer of custom magnetics and transformers for complex applications and rugged environments. Also provides in-house design and engineering support.