The electronic division for Eaton offers a range of electronics products that include power magnetics, circuit protection, super-capacitors and super cap modules. Eaton's new HCMA Series of inductors are designed and tested to withstand temperature and shock in automotive applications.  Super-capacitors require less monitoring, maintenance and replacement batteries. They also provide a safer alternative to batteries while providing the lowest total cost of ownership for energy storage in large scale, bridge power UPS's.  Radial leaded fuses are ideal for high voltage DC applications, and are available in different lead configurations.  Surface mount chips provide excellent temp and cycling characteristics. They are 3216FF series rated to 30 amps and compatible with reflow and wave solder.  Brick fuses include a 3216TD Time Delay Series compliant with lead-free and halogen-free requirements. The 6215FA complies with EIA-IS-722 standard and has an overcurrent protection of systems up to 120VAC/DC.

Silicon MEMS timing devices:

  • MEMS

  • Analog Semiconductors

  • Systems packaging

Products and Benefits

  • MEMS oscillators & resonators

  • Programmable Architecture

  • Unique, MEMS-based timing products

    • Small size (1.5 x .08mm - kHz and MHz)

    • Low power (900nA typ. - 32kHz)

    • High performance (+/-5 ppb stability, 3e-11 ADEV)

    • Higher reliability (1.2 billion hours MTBF)

    • Better robustness (50,000 g shock & 70 g vibration)

    • Higher quality (2 DPPM), lifetime warranty



SiTime works with the following Distributors:



Avnet: 800-874-8111;


Mouser Electronics: 800-346-6873;

RFMW: 877-367-7369; WWW.RFMW.COM/

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